With no membership fees, at your own pace, fly when you want with us and enjoy the awesome G1000 technology.

Come "Fly" with us a XXIst century aircraft, with a gorgeous technology and following a strict maintenance programme.

The "Fun" is guaranteed...

Flying rates per hour:

  • 200 € per hour VAT included.

Note: The price includes 1 landing fee at Cuatro Vientos airport. You can practice touches & go´s at the nearby Casarrubios aerodrome for free.

The first flying hour will be flown with flight instructor , who will evaluate if additional training is required.(plus 25 € per hour with flight instructor).

For every 25 flight hours you Fly with us we gift you with a free one…so you won't stop flying!

Opening offer:

We gift you with a free theoretical and a free G1000 simulator hour to familiarise yourself with the G1000 technology.

Hour packages:

Do you know the 1, 2, 3 rule?

Then you will like this…

  1. Every 10 hours you contract with us, we gift you 1.
  2. Every 20 hours you contract with us, we gift you 2.
  3. Every 30 hours you contract with us, we gift you 3.
    And so on until reaching 50 hours…

(For more than 50 hours please ask for our special rates).

Also we gift with a free theoretical and G1000 sim hour for those who contract hour packages, in order to familiarize with the incredible G1000 system


  • Cash
  • Bank transfer


* Check renting requisites

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